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The following are the featured webcomics. Every day, we randomly select a webcomic to be featured for the day. The following are all the webcomics that have featured so far that were submitted to WebcomicsHub.

Ultimate Wrestle Bout

An over the top action super powered humor attitude era inspired wrestling comic with an interactive dynamic where readers can effect outcomes of events,  matches, characters and the storyline. [ … ]

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The Mannamong

Legends told of spirits called mannamong created by Mother Nature to guide and protect humanity were believed throughout the world until they faded into myths. While the mannamong maintain order in the mortal realm, the unseen spiritual realm is in disord [ … ]

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Coen Pike; a Transport Engineer, a bachelor and dead. Awakening in a strange new world he now finds himself working to survive in his fantastical new home, and as he's joined by others similarly given a second chance at life he must find the answers to qu [ … ]

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Yōikoma is a weekly gag-a-day webcomic presented in a four-panel Yonkoma format. [ … ]

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Us Honourless Few

Drugged and confused a young man finds himself stranded in a strange land facing monsters, odd locals, and the mystery of who is behind it all. Unable to escape, even in his dreams, he must discover the truth, aided only by these Honourless few. [ … ]

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Paisley the Pixie

The premise of Paisley is that a decorative garden pixie is brought to life by a stray lightening strike and adopts my family. The strip follows her as she explores her strange new world. A world that is both wonderful and confusing [ … ]

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Black Lotus

Black Lotus is a daily gag-per-day magical girl webcomic that follows the bizarre daily lives and absurd adventures of a large cast of characters in a bizarre sci-fi/fantasy world where virtually anything can happen.Join Cielo Rodriguez and the magical gi [ … ]

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Operator Syndrome オペレーター症候群 Operētā shōkōgun

A meteorite blasts through the atmosphere and slams down in the central business district of a city -- and everything changes. [ … ]

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In The Paths of Yesterday

Senior year, the time in our lives where we choose what paths we lead our futures and to say goodbye to those we walked along with. What was supposed to be an uneventful school year for Iris Salazar and best friend Amadeus 'Deus' Carter turns into a tangl [ … ]

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Beloved Chains

Henry Patton was just some human on Earth working at a Pizza joint trying to figure out what to do with his life. He did not realize that actions would lead him to be the first human to be in charge of a Xaltean manor. Come join Henry as he tries to find [ … ]

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Alab Code

They say that fate has a twisted sense of humor. Loran learns how painfully true it is after his fateful encounter with a mysterious red-eyed girl pulls him into the unseen side of the world he didn't know existed. [ … ]

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Neptune Bay

After a bad break-up, Meg is living on her best friend's couch, desperate for change. When she finds a small farm on picturesque Neptune Island, she jumps at the chance to escape the big city, just like the characters in her favorite farming sim games! Bu [ … ]

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