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The following is a list of the most disliked webcomics. This metric is based on how many downvotes that a particular webcomic has. The more people that downvote a webcomic, the higher it will rank. To keep the voting system fair, you must be a member and members can only vote once a day.

1 - UFX

UFX is based on a dark future in which advances in genetics and biotechnology have lead to an increase in terrorism and paranoia. Political and Military figures vie for power while 2 genetically augmented tactical weapons try to discover their past. [ … ]

5 downvotes with a rating of 58.33% and 12 votes VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

2 - Sandra and Woo

Sandra and Woo is a comedy comic strip featuring the 12-year-old girl Sandra North and her mischievous pet raccoon Woo. While most strips are just supposed to be funny or tell an exciting story, some also deal with more serious topics. We also want t [ … ]

3 downvotes with a rating of 57.14% and 7 votes VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


Leave your worries behind with some good belly laughs at the expense of the people at Whomp! If you love looking at talking heads duscussing subtle relationship faux pas drawn in MSPaint, this is not the comic for you. [ … ]

3 downvotes with a rating of 62.5% and 8 votes VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

4 - Apple Black

 Many years ago, humans acquired fruits called “Black” from a tree that descended from the skies, which turned humans into sorcerers. Although all Black are now extinct, humans still have sorcery inherited from their ancestors but as generations go b [ … ]

3 downvotes with a rating of 94.44% and 54 votes VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

5 - Fizzy Squirt

Fizzy Squirt is a adult webcomic about the adventures of the sexy cyborg Agent Blue. The comic contain sex!  Male, female, shemale, alien and mutant nudity.Philosophy: Sex with positive attitude.I like hentai but often this type of comics, contain ph [ … ]

3 downvotes with a rating of 40% and 5 votes VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

6 - Star Cross'd Destiny

Cajun-spiced, superpowered, hot n’ heavy, dark n’ deadly science fiction goodness in every everlovin’ spoonful. In 2010, the lives of five people were unraveled under the iron fist of a parasitic universe leaving them cursed thereaf [ … ]

2 downvotes with a rating of 50% and 4 votes VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

7 - Dumbing of Age

Dumbing of Age is a webcomic about college freshmen in a co-ed dorm at Indiana University, starring a Christian homeschooled girl and her atheist best friend. [ … ]

2 downvotes with a rating of 87.5% and 16 votes VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

8 - Lovecraft PD

Lovecraft PD is a comic about a detective who hunts lovecraftian horrors in San Francisco. It's a little funny, a little scary, but a stupendous time is guarenteed for all! Here's a video with a guy explaining it. [ … ]

2 downvotes with a rating of 0% and 2 votes VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

9 - I Am ARG

The ComicI am ARG! is a Mon to fri webcomic about the life of an animator in toronto. It's more exciting and Hyperbolized than this little box of words can describe. I am Arg is a semi autobiographical non sequitor humour strip filled to the brim [ … ]

1 downvotes with a rating of 75% and 4 votes VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

10 - Dresden Codak

Dresden Codak is a webcomic written and illustrated by Aaron Diaz. It is described as a "celebration of science, death and human folly", the comic presents stories that deal with elements of philosophy, science  [ … ]

1 downvotes with a rating of 90% and 10 votes VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

11 - Star Power

In the far future, a young astronomer on a distant space station is chosen to wield the Star Power. Now, as the last of the Star Powered Sentinels, she must protect and explore a galaxy far more dangerous and wondrous than she could have ever imagined. [ … ]

1 downvotes with a rating of 90.91% and 11 votes VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

12 - Gaia

 In recent years, tensions have begun to grow between Midgard, the leading nation since the two devastating wars at the end of the First Age, and Cania, the home country of Ilias Oter and his friends. Ilias, though, finds politics to be not nearly as [ … ]

1 downvotes with a rating of 88.89% and 9 votes VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

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