Superb Artwork and Story

As a follower of Kemono Cafe, I must say that the artwork is simply divine, especially with the written dialogue and cute emoticons to break up the wall of text.

KC_READER on webcomic Kemono Cafe

Update schedule

Actually updates at least twice a month.

arayakim on webcomic The Remarkable Rabbit Boy

The story is wonderful and alluring. I'm a sucker for alchemy. The mixture of magic and a little bit of science, makes me wish it was real so I could learn it. Make science a little more fun.

Mat_Palette on webcomic Bethellium

I love the art style. So simplistic yet it expresses more than most forms of styles can. I like the story too, it's not everyone's cup of tea but it hits the spot for me.

Mat_Palette on webcomic Moonlace

Just found this comic a few days ago and been having a blast reading every one. reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes but with an anime art style.

Mat_Palette on webcomic C-chan's a Catgirl!

This comic reminds me of the comic strips you would read in the newspaper, especially the Sunday funnies. I wish there would be a few more comics in this series, cuz I'm sure there are plenty of bits that could be told with these characters.

wrytergirl on webcomic C-chan's a Catgirl!

Another webcomic that's recently become one of my favorites in recent years. The conflict with the characters makes you feel for both sides and I am looking forward to seeing where the story goes. The prologue was interesting to read as well.

wrytergirl on webcomic Moonlace

This has definitely become one of my favorite webcomics in recent years. I love the elements of magic and fantasy, mixed with intrigue and drama due to the use of alchemy and backstory involving some interesting characters. Can't wait to see what happens next.

wrytergirl on webcomic Bethellium

Deep space never looked so fine with all the women fighting, battling, and revealing themselves for fans like us.

AlexP on webcomic Knuckle Up

It's so good to see a traditional style newspaper comic come to life with vibrant colors on the web. I'm laughing so hard at the jokes and puns and animal mannerisms in this comic.

AlexP on webcomic C-chan's a Catgirl!

Engaging the readers with comedic action and fan service, Knuckle Up illustrates the benefits of working together to enhance the colors with vibrant skills and the use of dialect to encourage character diversity.

KC_READER on webcomic Knuckle Up

They're even bigger than the lovely women of Rascals!!! I'm so going to enjoy reading this comic for the fights and fan service goodness, especially with the slick colors.

TheEmployer on webcomic Knuckle Up

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