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They're even bigger than the lovely women of Rascals!!! I'm so going to enjoy reading this comic for the fights and fan service goodness, especially with the slick colors.

TheEmployer on webcomic Knuckle Up

The farm life is the best life with this cast of country animals living it up and taking care of business emotionally and physically.

TheEmployer on webcomic Las Lindas

While I do enjoy fighting series, Knighthood does tend to focus more of the lore of the story than anything else. But man...the fight scenes are AWESOME!!!

TheEmployer on webcomic Knighthood

There are so many tranformations that I've lost count. Seriously, this is quite the hilarious comedy that I need right now. Just going to take forever to read with how huge it is.

TheEmployer on webcomic Addictive Science

I do wish this one would update more as I'm liking how Tina is fitting in with all the mischieft and comedic relief.

TheEmployer on webcomic Tina of the South

They're so big! Seriously, so many good and bad times in college with hot babes and loved ones. I'm liking how the rabbits are bringing home the drama.

TheEmployer on webcomic Rascals

And here I thought museums were boring! Avencri's The Eye proved me wrong with such a captivating tale with murderous twists and romantic turns.

TheEmployer on webcomic The Eye of Ramalach

Cats and technology don't mix, and the hilarious antics of Sammy and her phone prove that to the T.

TheEmployer on webcomic iMew

OH! The story before Caribbean Blue. Plus we get a new cat girl! This is awesome.

TheEmployer on webcomic Paprika

Cats gone to the beach? But I thought they hated water! But man, CB was quite the interesting twist on romance and comedy.

TheEmployer on webcomic Caribbean Blue