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great twist on the zombies niche

<p>this comic offers an excellent twist to the very played-out zombie genre. its a shame that there is currently only one book out but i have a feeling this webcomic will be around for a long time to come</p>

TheGorillaNinja on webcomic Under The Flesh

full color wonder

<p>The cover art for this webcomic got me and I have to say that it is a fun read. Its one of the better sci-fi webcomics out there and the fact that the art is so beautiful also helps. Gave it a thumbs up already and subscribed. if you're looking for a good sci-fi webcomic with a deep archive, i highly recommend this one.</p>

TheGorillaNinja on webcomic The End

It just stops suddenly

<p>I liked the comic and was very disappointed to see that it just stops suddenly Also a shame that the <em>"latest page"</em>dates back to 2009. Are there any plans to continue or is this a dead webcomc? </p>

TheGorillaNinja on webcomic UFX

I Love this comic

<p>i love Ronnie like i love chicken nuggets (i do!) — whomp is definitely one of the funniest comics around.</p>

TheGorillaNinja on webcomic WHOMP