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The Chronicles of Huxcyn

The world of Ariearra is full of mysteries, magic, monsters and... flirtatious cursed bards? Huxcyn the cursed bard and Ezuu a paladin down on her luck team up to find answers and to try to save the world. [ … ]


93: A College Comic About Slackers

’93 is a long-form comic set in 1993 that follows a group of slacker college roommates trying to deal with one another. You know, like when one of your roommates decides to turn your apartment into a bar to make money for his Woodstock '94 concert fund [ … ]


Clover & Cutlass

Maggie, reluctant heir to the local warlord, falls for Jolene, a burnt-out healer. Unfortunately, Maggie's parents want Jolene dead. [ … ]


Electric Fencer

Join the magically gifted sibling duo, Elliott and Anastasia “Lee” Alexander, as they embark on a thrilling globe-spanning journey alongside their Uncle Ronan and their loyal friends, Lance and Renée.But this is no ordinary journey—it’s a race ag [ … ]



Felix wants a private life. Not with her famous parents. Not with Me Cailinis touring. Not with the world dissecting her and Colm's every move.Keeping a huge secret, Felix has to decide what she'll do with her life. Keep feeling stuck. Rebel against manag [ … ]


Wish I never met you

Audrey's a freshman at crystal college where she meets Ryan, both did not make a very good impression when they first met which causes a lot of feud between them, but due to some neutral, dangerous, normal, and crazy circumstances, they always end up with [ … ]


Light Rising

In the urban fictional country of Agalatia, it's Hrann's dream to become a "Tulilis" idol-- to sing, dance, and perform for an audience. But, as many obstacles stand in her way to success, how long is it before she cracks under the pressure? [ … ]


The Barrier Scroll

Oriole dreams of finding The Barrier Scroll and the good fortune it promises those worthy to wield it. Whisked away to harness her abilities she finds fellowship in the renowned Onyx Guard and an unlikely ally in the rigid soldier, Ryn Alrae. As her power [ … ]


To the Last Wire

War Robots, Government regulations, Economic crisis, Human modification. Life on a farm isn't easy in the year 3045. Leo works tirelessly to repair his land and grow the crops he needs to support his nephew Chester. Without money for a farm hand, growing [ … ]


The Legend of Jamie Roberts

Jamie Roberts is neither a boy or a girl - they're a pirate! During a raid one day, Jamie and their two best friends, Thomas and Daniel, find an unfinished map to a land they've never seen. And so they embark on a new adventure, and along the way they fin [ … ]


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An Oldie But A Goodie

<p>The art is a pretty solid and the characters are funny and likable, I've been reading this webcomic forever and still love it. I know that they have received a lot of hate in the last couple of years, but I continue to be a loyal fan.</p>

unknownCreator on webcomic Penny Arcade

Still a classic

<p>This webcomic has been around for quite some time now. Its still a classic, even with its very unique and sometimes weird sense of humor. I had no idea that it was still going on.</p>

unknownCreator on webcomic The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Comment Reply

<p>It s a good looking webcomic. its a shame that it does not seem to have any new page or updates. it looks like one of those forgotten projects. any plans on bringing it back to life?</p>

unknownCreator on webcomic UFX