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The following is a list of the most popular webcomics. Popularity of a webcomic is based on how many users actually visited the webcomic's site after visting the webcomic's profile. The more people that visit a webcomic's website to read it, the more popular we consider it.

73 - Gunshow

Gunshow is a comic about a lot of different things.Like bones and blood and sadness and love.And also nerds and hell and dogs and death.And also growing up and breaking down and getting over something and ghosts.And also family and kids and moms and dads. [ … ]

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74 - 3 Minute Max

Heroes don't die -- unless that's part of the job! The Strike Gate kills whatever it teleports - unless they are already dead. Max Reaper, former Army Ranger, can stop his heart for up to three minutes at a time and still bring himself b [ … ]

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75 - FreakAngels

 FreakAngels is a tale of twelve psychic Londoners whose combined powers flooded the world! They were all born 23 years ago at exactly the same moment in time. They all have extreme telepathic abilities as well as other assorted abilities like telepo [ … ]

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76 - Practice Makes Perfect

A four panel gag comic with a cast of adorable characters! Jess Drea and Addy are just kids trying to make sense of the world in their own unique way, using imagination as their guide! [ … ]

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77 - Dumbing of Age

Dumbing of Age is a webcomic about college freshmen in a co-ed dorm at Indiana University, starring a Christian homeschooled girl and her atheist best friend. [ … ]

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78 - Polar

Polar is an online action comic. My approach is advancing at my own pace, but with a minimum rhythm of two weekly updatings, Mondays and Thursdays.The story uses a minimalistic and direct style inspired by movies like Le Samurai (Jean-Pierr [ … ]

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79 - A Slice of 408

Alex, Charlie and Joey. Three girls seemingly living their lives as normal as they could, yet they managed to get themselves from one weird, funny, sexy adventure to another. [ … ]

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80 - Paprika

Paprika is a celebration of anime's golden age through the eyes of some very special fans. Tina and her friends have some very strong imaginations, ones so strong they transport the girls to a whole new world when they let it run away with them. [ … ]

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81 - Gifts of wandering ice

"Gifts of wandering ice" is a sci-fi story about post ice age era where ancient icebergs melt, travel with sea currents and bring curious things to the shores where people live. These things are called "gifts of wandering ice" and come [ … ]

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82 - Space-Mullet

A washed up ex-marine space trucker named Jonah does his best (and usually fails) to do good throughout the galaxy with his alien friend and co-pilot, Alphius. [ … ]

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83 - Caribbean Blue

Tina and Yuki travel to the island of Caribbean Blue in search of a cure for their friend's strange feline curse, only to discover the island has many more secrets than they bargained for. Will they save the island after accidentally unearthing one of its [ … ]

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84 - Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

Sometime this is a comic about macho action heroes. Sometimes this is a slice of life comic about a time traveling Navy SEAL single dad from the nonspecific spacefuture. Really, it just depends on how things were going that day. [ … ]

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