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The following is a list of the most popular webcomics. Popularity of a webcomic is based on how many users actually visited the webcomic's site after visting the webcomic's profile. The more people that visit a webcomic's website to read it, the more popular we consider it.

73 - Paprika

Paprika is a celebration of anime's golden age through the eyes of some very special fans. Tina and her friends have some very strong imaginations, ones so strong they transport the girls to a whole new world when they let it run away with them. [ … ]

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74 - reMIND

 reMIND is a mystical, sci-fi about faith, love and brain transplantation.Sonja, the lighthouse keeper at a seaside oil drilling town, loses her cat, Victuals. Everyone blames the Lizard Man, the local boogeyman, which Sonja knows is a [ … ]

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75 - Lease Bound

After a mix-up with their leases, two Lesbians, Jaden and Riley, must learn to share a small, one-bedroom apartment. Friendship, and eventually romance ensues.(updates every two weeks, but there was no option for that). [ … ]

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76 - Practice Makes Perfect

A four panel gag comic with a cast of adorable characters! Jess Drea and Addy are just kids trying to make sense of the world in their own unique way, using imagination as their guide! [ … ]

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77 - Octopus Pie

Octopus Pie is an ongoing comic series, started in 2007, about two women living in Brooklyn, NY – their jobs, social circles, and some problems. Start reading from the beginning here. [ … ]

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78 - StarFox Lylat Legacy

A fan adaptation of the Nintendo series "StarFox". Attempting to incorporate every game story from the franchise in chronological order, starting from StarFox 1. Telling the stroy from the very begining. With attempts to breathe some new life to [ … ]

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79 - Dreamkeepers

Dreamkeepers  matches cute cartoon characters against bloodthirsty monsters. The series has been described as fantasy, as sci-fi, horror, humor, action, anime, Disney, etc... It tells the tale of a small group of young Dreamkeepers, beings who l [ … ]

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80 - A Slice of 408

Alex, Charlie and Joey. Three girls seemingly living their lives as normal as they could, yet they managed to get themselves from one weird, funny, sexy adventure to another. [ … ]

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81 - Zombie Ranch

 Meet Susannah Zane. She’s a rancher. She raises livestock.Only thing is, her stock isn’t technically “live”.The Great Zombie Plague wiped out a fair portion of civilization, and humans weren’t the only victims of its ra [ … ]

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82 - Plush and Blood

Plush and Blood is a story that revolves around Stuffed Animals living in a Utopian society subtly rule by a totalitarian dictator secretly stuffing the populous with behavioral control; and the subsequent fall of the empire. [ … ]

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83 - Gunshow

Gunshow is a comic about a lot of different things.Like bones and blood and sadness and love.And also nerds and hell and dogs and death.And also growing up and breaking down and getting over something and ghosts.And also family and kids and moms and dads. [ … ]

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84 - Vanguard

In the near future, a small team of genetically engineered meta-humans defend our country's interests at home and abroad. They are the Vanguard [ … ]

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